Master’s Digital Photography School (MDPS)

Photography is an interesting and a joyful pursuit, but if you want to turn it from a hobby into a career, it will be best to undertake a course. An ideal location is Mumbai, and that is where we are based. It will be ideal to study with us – the Mumbai Digital Photography School, as not only do we have a wide selection of courses, but we keep class sizes small. By this, we ensure that each student has plenty of time with the tutor and will not get lost among the other students.

It does not matter how much experience a photographer has, there will be something to suit them. For beginners, we offer the basic photography course in Mumbai , and this really is going to be perfect for someone just starting out. Even if there is only basic knowledge of using a camera, this will not prevent them from being suitable for the lessons. We can cater to anyone who wants to make a career out of taking pictures, as well as someone who just wants to have good pictures to show friends. It is the best class that you can attend in Mumbai, and you will learn so much.

Starting out

To begin with, it is important to find out the brand and type of camera that you want to use. All of this will be covered and then studying will be based on what can be done with the camera, and all the little tricks of the trade will be explained.

What is covered at the beginning?

There is no need to worry about being thrown in the deep end of the syllabus will begin with a little bit of history surrounding cameras and their development, and it is at a basic level. After that, you will be shown around the camera – learning how the shutter works, which lens to use and what is the best exposure. A lesson will cover things such as the depth of field and take you onto the art of composition.

The Next Step – including tips

Once you know your way around the camera, extra detail will be explained such as how to pan round, and how to use the zoom feature. Taking a portrait and landscape shots will be explained as will the use of light to ensure you get the most excellent results. The program is run on the basis of combining theory and practice, and by the end, you will be confident enough to go onto the next stage. Tips covering the use of filters and how to shoot action shots will be freely given.

Advanced shooting

The next class to take is the Advance Photography course. It is now that it gets more serious and you move on from snapping subjects to taking detailed photographs. As you advance with your photography knowledge, it is important to be hands on and take more and more pictures, again with information regarding the subject and light. Tips will be passed on, including how to take pictures in the dark, selecting the right lighting for studio shoots and how to build a portfolio. Time and date of all programs can be found on the Masters Digital Photography School website.

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