Master’s Digital Photography School (MDPS)

Wedding photography is one of the most vibrant areas of photography. This is a great area to specialize in if you love to put a smile on someone’s face on their special day while earning some money. Because of its increasing demand, there are many wedding photography courses that offer you great options for study. If you are looking study wedding photography professionally in Mumbai, then MDPS is an eminent Institute to graduate from.

Located in the hub of Mumbai city, MDPS has, for years, served as a strong scaffold that has given countless of photographers a great boost in their professional career. In fact, we can boast of providing one of the most comprehensive professional photography courses in Mumbai, including a wide array of choices for both beginners and professionals. Our wedding photography courses are specially tailored to help you think outside of the box, add to your repertoire of experiences and establish yourself up as a professional wedding photographer. Here are a few ways we think we can boost your career in wedding photography:

In-depth course plan: One of the lousy things about wedding photography is that there are no re-takes. You get it right the first time or you don’t get it at all. As a result, before embarking on a wedding album photo-shoot, there are a lot of tips and tricks that you need to be adroit at professionally, to establish yourself. At MDPS, we have a lot of expertise and experience in tackling all kinds of challenges that arise at a wedding and all our years of wisdom is reflected in our course structure. Our courses cover a wide range of topics such as managing uncontrolled environments, working with mixed lighting, post production techniques and digital image editing. All of our courses start from the basics of photography and works their way to the top. In other words, even if you are a novice, you will not have missed anything. In fact by the time you are done, you will be working the camera like a pro.

Interactive lessons: At MDPS, we strictly follow an interactive lesson policy. We believe that no lesson is properly learned unless you ask questions and get it answered. In order to ensure that this is practically executed, we only allow a limited number of students into our classes. This allows for a more informal setting for both teachers and students to interact freely. Additionally, we also have special sessions conducted by professional experts who spend time with the students giving constructive feedback to students about their work and providing in-depth knowledge on difficult subjects.

Wide range of practical experience: Our location at the center of Mumbai’s busiest spots works really well for our students. Unlike other parts of the world, where weddings usually follow a certain pattern of etiquette, weddings in Mumbai follow diverse traditions, customs and patterns. As a result, professional photography courses in Mumbai offer the best kind of professional experience that one can get as a wedding photographer. At MDPS, we go one step further and allow our students to cover a lot of these pre-wedding and wedding events and get an experience of the events firsthand.

Developing a good portfolio and marketing skills: At MDPS, we strive to ensure that our courses prepare our students to develop professionally by teaching them to set up their own professional studios and photo booths. We also provide opportunities for our students to create their own portfolios and teach them how to develop wedding photography as a business. This is one of our unique selling points. We not only instruct our students in the art of photography but also teach them how price, sell and market their skills and services. We don’t aim to send out just graduates. Rather, we aim to send out professional photographers who are adept at managing every adverse situation.

Wedding photography is one highest income-generating areas of photography. If you have a flair and an interest for making routine occasions such as weddings look like exemplary works of art, then a specialization in wedding photography will take you to otherwise insurmountable heights.

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